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LED Lights

Compact 4.5W (L-66R) LED Spotlight

Rs 600.00 Rs 429.00

Legero 5W Omega LED Downlight

Rs 825.00 Rs 561.00

Philips 5W LED Panel

Rs 1,050.00 Rs 800.00


Philips Tornado 27W B-22 CFL

Rs 365.00 Rs 280.00

Philips EHL Twister 45W B-22 CFL

Rs 725.00 Rs 550.00

Philips Essential 70W B-22 CFL

Rs 795.00 Rs 700.00

Domestic Tube Fittings

Decorative Lights


Flood Lights

Compact 100W Topaz LED Flood Light

Rs 9400 Rs 7050


Rs 4370 Rs 3278

Compact 50W Topaz LED Flood Light

Rs 5240 Rs 3930

Ballasts & Igniters

Philips EBS 118 230 SH Ballast

Rs 248.00 Rs 125.00

Philips HID Ballast 70W IBU Plus

Rs 1,225.00 Rs 800.00

As we welcome 2017, we wish for a cleaner and greener environment. A simple step is to upgrade to LED Lights. Already, Indersons, the bricks and mortar business of bestofelectricals.com is supplying LED Panels, LED Downlights, LED Battens and LED Bulbs in huge numbers to new residential, commercial and office projects. And in your existing homes, we recommend that as your conventional Lamps, Tubelights & CFLs go faulty, you should take initiative to replace all these with the new generation LED Lights. Surprisingly LED prices have come down significantly and now branded LED bulbs are available at rates which are on par with CFLs.

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