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Modular Switches


Switches are the most prominent electrical accessory that we see in a house. Technically a switch is an electrical component that can break electrical circuit by interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another. There are different types of electrical switches based on Current (Ampere) rating varying for 6A to 32A. Today modular switches are available in different colours and designs to go with our modular home or office. 

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ABB 16A 2 Way Switch

Rs 105 Rs 210

ABB 16A LED Switch

Rs 101 Rs 205

ABB 16A Switch

Rs 87 Rs 175

ABB 32A DP LED Switch

Rs 210 Rs 425

ABB 6A 2Way Switch

Rs 68 Rs 138

ABB 6A Bell Push

Rs 81 Rs 165

ABB 6A LED Bell Push

Rs 101 Rs 205

ABB 6A LED Switch

Rs 75 Rs 150

Modular Switches

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Min: Rs 12 Max: Rs 693
₹12 ₹693