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Product Categories of Tools and Electrical Hardware


Electrical Tools

Taparia 165mm Combination Plier

Rs 198.00 Rs 168.00

Taparia 250mm Heavy Duty Pipe Wrench

Rs 385.00 Rs 327.00

Taparia Home Tool Kit

Rs 2,420.00 Rs 2,057.00

Misc. Hardware


Action 6 sqmm Aluminium Thimble

Rs 1.68 Rs 1.00

Action 6 sqmm Copper Reducer Thimble

Rs 11.05 Rs 8.84

Action 225 sqmm Copper Thimble

Rs 237.22 Rs 189.78


7mm PG Glands

Rs 6.00

Comet 20mm CBW01SS DC Gland

Rs 337.00 Rs 185.00

Earthing Strips & Wires

GI Plate 2'x2' x 3mm

Rs 525.00

Conduits and Accessories

AKG 20mm 3Way Surface Junction Box

Rs 37.00 Rs 20.00

20mm GI Saddle with Base

Rs 230.00

AKG 25mm 75 mtr Medium PVC Conduit

Rs 3,420.00 Rs 1,575.00

Electrical accessories are used to connect/control electrical systems.

Networking accessories are used for the installation of networking cables in residential, commercial and industrial projects. Electrical hardware is used to fix and fit electrical items. However conduits are used for embedded internal house wiring.

Electrical Accessories is a generic term for items like Energy Meters, Conduits, Networking Accessories, etc. Electrical consumables includes Plug Tops & Multiplugs, Bulb Holders, Emergency Lights and more. Electrical Hardware includes Thimbles, Glands, Cable Ties, Earthing Strips, Taparia Tools and more. All Electrical Accessories find general application during your premises electrification.

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