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  • Built-in photosensor is sentive to illumination in the room and switches on the fan automatically.
  • Dark Mode: The control unit switches the fan on after the light is off. The operation duration is adjustable from 5sec to 30min and the photosensor threshold is set by the regulator.
  • Light Mode: The control unit switches the fan on after the light is on. As light is off the fan continues operating and turns off as the turn off delay timer requires from 5 sec to 30 min. If the light is on for more than 60 mins the fan switches off. The photosensor threshold is set by the control unit.
  • The motion sensor responds to human motion in the sensitivity area and switches the fan on automatically. When motion is not registered the control unit switches the fan off as the turn-off delay timers requires from 5sec to 30min. Use of the motion sensor makes the fan control easy and is especially suitable for periodically visited premises. The sensitivity area is 5m max and the detection angle upto 130 degree.
  • Cycle timer operation: The cyclic operation mode allows switching the fan on and off with set time intervals. Operation or standstill duration is adjusted from 5sec to 30min. The fan switches on and operates within pre-set time period followed by a pause according to the timer settings. After that the cycle is renewed.
  • Humidity sensor switches the fan on as the humidity level in the premise increases above the set threshold. As it drops back the control unit switches the fan off. Humidity threshold is user-adjustable.
Product specification
Model NameControl Unit
Air Capacity/Air Delivery (C.F.M.)N/A
Air Capacity/Air Delivery (M3H)N/A
Cyclic TimerTrue
Light SensorTrue
Motion SensorTrue
Humidity SensorTrue
Noise Level [dB(A)]N/A
MaterialABS Plastic
Suitable ForIndoor
Warranty2yrs (on manufacturing defect)