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Know the Advantages of Buying Branded Electrical Wires

Cables and Wires are common terms during your home or office construction or renovation. Every type of building electrical infrastructure requires cables and wires at the grass-root level. So whether it is restaurant, hotel, hospital, office, mall or your home, you require professional wiring to enjoy benefits of modern electrical infrastructure. This is the reason, when buying cables and wires, quality, brand and appropriate current rating/size should be kept in mind. Otherwise you may have to upgrade these at a later stage or even risk short-circuit in case of current overload.

There are lots of brands present in the market and the credible ones include KEI, Finolex, Havells and Polycab, amongst others. It will be a better idea to purchase the best ones, so that there is minimal quality risk. To buy the above professional quality cables and wires, traditionally you would visit a local electrical shop or even ask your electrician to source it for you. But now with advent of the Internet, you can buy wires online at the convenience of your home.

Why to Buy Branded Wires?

Using branded wires offers increased reliability and therefore, they are better to use than local or low quality wires. They are robust and capable to withstand full electrical load. Branded wires and cables usually have good quality PVC sheath, which does not easily split or suffer any other sort of damage. And the electrolytic copper used is 99.99% pure and of full gauge as per size of the wire specified. Local cable manufacturers, in order to cut costs, may compromise on quality of the copper, quality of the sheathing and also on the actual supplied length, since most of these wires are sold in readymade packs of 90 metres or 180 metres or similar.

A buyer can browse to buy wire online of varied brands available in different lengths and sizes. Higher sizes are for higher current rates loads. At, you can find all types of electrical products at very reasonable rates, which can be supplied to you pan India in matter of few days. So now even if you live in a remote town of Kerala, you have the option to buy the best, genuine and competitively priced goods from the portal

LED Lights – Major Source Of Illumination At Present And Future

Nowadays, LED lights are in high demand in residential homes, retail spaces, commercial buildings, new construction, etc. This fast shift to the new source of light in the last few years has excited the entire industry. The demand will keep increasing as new technology converts the source more valuable. You can buy LED light online and offline too. Lots of physical and virtual stores are present as a help and you can choose the one that seems to be the most convenient medium.

Safe to Use

LEDs are completely safe to use when sourced from well-recognized brands. They do not contain harmful chemicals or gases and can be disposed in open. Also, LEDs are safe to handle since they are cool when being touched and run on very low-voltage thus minimizing injury risk from electrical lines.

High Efficiency

Long lifespan, low energy consumption, small size, improved physical condition, etc. are some of the major qualities of LED lights. LEDs have less environment related issues and now they are cost efficient too and hence replacing conventional lighting sources like GLS Lamps, Flourescent tubes/CFLs,, Halogens, etc. LEDs use fewer watts than halogens and CFLs without making any compromise with light output.

Durable Source

Sturdy components are used to make LEDs instead of filament or neon gas. They are highly rugged and can easily withstand the rough conditions. LEDs are resistant to vibrations, shock and external impacts like high or low temperature, so they can be used as outdoor lighting source.  


Visit to buy LED light online. The site offers numerous types of LED lights, of varied brands at reasonable prices. Huge discounts are given to the buyers and at festive season these rebates just get bigger and better. 

Why not incandescent bulb or CFLs but LEDs?

LED Bulbs

By the flow of time like everything technology is also going to more depth and details. We all are mortal. It’s an invariable, fundamental truth. What we can do, we can live a healthy life. We can make our environment clean, clear and pollution free to abolish almost all sort of risk that can affect our health.


Scientists are also trying to make the world pollution free. Thus they are continuously inventing various products and technology to make the world green. One of their most venerable inventions is LED lights or light emitting diode. These LEDs comes in variant size and colour.


LED consumes less energy and supplies more lumens. There is a small difference between watt and lumen. Watts is unit for energy consumption whereas Lumen is the light output/brightness of a lamp. Generally higher wattage/energy consumption of a lamp implies higher lumen output. So it is very important to look at the lumen when you buy a bulb.


Now in many respect LEDs are better than CFLs and incandescent bulb. They make a serious cut to our electricity budget than incandescent bulbs and CFLs.



  LED CFL Incandescent Bulb
Watt 6-8 13-15 60
Lumen (suppose 60W of a incandescent bulb) 3500 825-900 800
Kilo watt of electricity used 329/yr 767/yr 3285/yr
Durability Yes No No
Contains Mercury No Yes No
Total Cost Rs. 2033/yr Rs. 4746/yr Rs. 20347/yr


Now you have the chart, so think and then buy.

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