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Ceiling Fans

Luxury Fans

HUNTER Bayport Bright Brass Designer Ceiling Fan

Rs 12599 Rs 11969
Usha Hunter Fan offers a wide range of stylish and designer fans for your beautiful home. Usha has introduced new series of designer fans, Hunter Bayport Designer Ceiling Fan, consisting of wooden blades that match with teak furniture at home. So now give your home a new look and make it eye-catching.

HUNTER Flight Designer Ceiling Fan

Rs 20,900.00 Rs 19,855.00

Wall Fans

Crompton Windflo 12" (Hi-Speed) Wall Fan

Rs 2,000.00 Rs 1,720.00

USHA Wall Dominaire 450

Rs 6800 Rs 6250
Usha Dominaire, one name for industrial wall fan. Powder coated paint in metallic finish, protect the fan from corrosion.

Havells Swanky 16" Blue Wall Fan

Rs 2595 Rs 2399

Table Fans & Personal Fans

Exhaust Fans

Vents 100 LD Fresh Time Ventilation Fan

Rs 2500 Rs 2225
To cope with today’s fashionable world Hindware has introduced an amazing ventilator with a watch in the front. You can put it in the kitchen, bathroom or where ever you want. A VENTS LD FRESH TIME Series fan has a battery-powered quartz clock, thar is built into the fan casing.

Crompton 24" 900rpm Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan

Rs 8335 Rs 8100
Crompton has launched heavy duty wall fans for industrial us. Totally enclosed heavy duty motor, with die cast aluminium rotor mounted on 2 ball bearings.

Pedestal Fans

Tower Fans

USHA Rense Tower Fan

Rs 7299 Rs 6200

USHA Efikas Tower Fan

Rs 5399 Rs 4450

USHA Cerebro Tower Fan

Rs 9899 Rs 7650

Fans are a basic necessity in Indian hot balmy climate. We, at offer you a wide variety of fans including ceiling fans, wall fans, pedestal fans, exhaust fans and tower fans of different renowned brands such as Havells, Usha, Bajaj, Crompton & Almonard.
CEILING FANS: Ceiling fans are a must for every home in the tropical climate of India. These ceiling fans make you comfortable by circulating air in the room. There is wide range of ceiling fans to choose from, from standard ceiling fans to under light ceiling fans, energy saving ceiling fans to luxury ceiling fans and Kids ceiling fans. These fans provide ventilation and improve air circulation by the virtue of air velocity. Now say no to scorching summer, and buy amazing ceiling fans online today from
WALL FANS: Wall mounted fans are ideal for delivering air circulation in particular areas. These fans are a great solution for location specific air cooling requirements. These are ideal to use in seating areas, receptions, lounges or rooms in homes and offices. The main advantage of these fans is that it saves space and delivers efficient air. Another application is places where ceiling height is very low say security guard’s porta cabins. Buy these wall mounted Fans online from to save space and get efficient air cooling.
PEDESTAL FANS: Pedestal fans are an ideal solution if you are looking for portable air circulation in any portion of the room. These are mounted on sturdy bases and can be moved easily. These are ideal to use in lobbies, clubs, restaurants and homes. View the wide variety of Pedestal fans and buy pedestal fans online from
EXHAUST FANS: Exhaust Fans are used to control the environment in the closed space and remove stale air and odours, leaving rooms healthy and fresh. The places where there is no air circulation, exhaust fans saves life by taking up the hot, stuffy air and discharging it safely into the environment. The exhaust fans from Vents are designed with very low operating noise and high air discharge. You can order these fans at Buy the best brands of exhaust fans online at at the lowest prices.
TOWER FANS: These fans are extremely efficient in circulating air and are less noisy than pedestal and ceiling fans. If you are looking for a portable fan with energy saving option and with aesthetic looks, then choose from wide range of tower fans available online at at affordable prices. India’s leading electrical online portal - brings you a range of fans that not only incorporate the best in aerodynamics but also unique aesthetics. We simplify your search by providing you a wide range of fans from different brands at one place at easy affordable prices. Now enjoying fresh air has become easy with this one stop shop for all branded fans. Whether it is to cool corners of your room or to ventilate your home, offers a complete range to meet varied individual needs.

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