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Havells Aquis Plus 1.5 Ltr Electric Kettles

This Aquis Plus 1.5 Ltr Electric Kettles from Havells brings you the convenience of making tea or warm water in an instant.
Rs. 3395 Rs. 2885

Havells Donato Coffee Maker

This Donato Coffee Maker from Havells will give you a high quality coffee at your home. Enjoy cups of coffee at home with this Donato Coffee Maker.
Rs. 7595 Rs. 6836

There’s something special about coffee: it smells like heaven and tastes like the love of a mother, or a hug of a friend. And tea is a beverage most Indians can’t survive without. Are you a fanatic who cannot do without a cup of freshly brewed coffee? Or a tea enthusiast always waiting to host fun tea parties? If yes, then you know you are at the right place.
Brewing appliances form an essential part of your kitchen to deal with the conundrums of your stove, and enable you to instantly prepare hot beverages of your choice. BestOfElectricals has the most assorted range of carefully designed, efficient coffee makers and tea kettles, available at extremely reasonable prices.
No need to hassle anymore. In the comfort of your home, select the most premium beverage making devices, and enjoy slurping your hot creation!

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