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L&T DSINE DN0 Direct Rotary Handle

Rs 980 Rs 990

L&T DSINE DN1 Direct Rotary Handle

Rs 1045 Rs 1055

L&T DSINE DN2 Direct Rotary Handle

Rs 1124 Rs 1135

L&T DSINE DN0 Extended Rotary Handle

Rs 1485 Rs 1500

L&T DSINE DN1 Extended Rotary Handle

Rs 1495 Rs 1510

L&T DU100 100A 10kA 3 Pole MCCB

Rs 1585 Rs 1830
This DU100 100A 10kA 3 Pole MCCB from L&T protects electric circuit against overloads and electrical faults. MCCBs cater to higher loads (100A – 630A) than MCB (upto 63A).

L&T DSINE DN3B & DN3 Direct Rotary Handle

Rs 1683 Rs 1700

L&T DSINE DN2 Extended Rotary Handle

Rs 1742 Rs 1760

MCCB stands for ‘Moulded Case Circuit Breaker’.  It is a heavy duty circuit breaker equipped with a tripping coil and can give a signal. The thermal and magnetic elements, adjustable over a wide band, make these MCCB’s ideal for safety and protection of industrial machines and can be installed in Special MCCB DBs. The operating current range of MCCB varies from 16 Amps to 630 Amps. It is mainly used in commercial and industrial applications and in residences it is used at the mains end.


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