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Cona 6A Deluxe Plug Top

Rs 39 Rs 55

Cona 6A Glow Plug Top

Rs 39 Rs 55

Anchor Penta 6A 3Pin Plug Top

Rs 45 Rs 51

GM 6A Elite 3 Pin Plug Top

Rs 47 Rs 53

Anchor Penta 6A 3 pin Multiplug

Rs 50 Rs 56

Cona Gold Iron Connector

Rs 50 Rs 72

Cona Nice Iron Connector

Rs 54 Rs 77

GM 16A Elite 3 Pin Plug Top

Rs 58 Rs 66

Anchor Penta 16A 3Pin Plug Top

Rs 59 Rs 72

Cona 16A Glow Plug Top

Rs 60 Rs 85

The word plug implies cork or stopper. Plug top was invented in 1880’s and at that time it came with two pins only. Plug top is used to connect the wires from an appliance and then inserted in an electrical socket to make the connection for electricity supply.

On the other hand Multiplug is like a multi socket. Multiplug allows one than more plugs to connect to a single electrical sockets. These multiplugs contains similar multiple sockets. It helps multiple plug top to connect to the electricity.

Plug Tops & Multiplugs

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Min: Rs 39 Max: Rs 1373
₹39 ₹1373