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Capacitor is an electronic component which helps in the storage of electric charge when connected to its charging circuit/power source. It can dissipate its stored energy and act as a temporary battery for a very short period of time when not connected to its charging circuit.
Fans capacitors are used for the fluent movement of fan even if there is any fluctuation in the voltage. It prevents the uneven flow of voltage.
Power factor correction capacitors help to improve the power factor between the point of electrical equipment and power source. Power capacitors can be fixed at several points in the electrical system. There are various features of power capacitors like:

  1. Maintains voltage stability.
  2. Prevents wastage of energy though heat.
  3. Load becomes more efficient.
  4. Low power factors overload generating and distribution networks with excess KVA.
  5. The excess KVA load may require additional generating capacity.
  6. The increased load increases utility distribution losses and reduces the voltage available to customers.
  7. To reduce power factor "penalty" charges from the electric utility.
  8. To restore the current capacity of overloaded conductors within the building or building complex.
  9. To reduce conductor losses in the building.
  10. To reduce voltage drop within the building.
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