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V-Guard Pebble Metallica 25 Ltr Storage Geyser

This high performance energy efficient geyser provides you hot water delivery. This storage geyser is instant water heater and is a perfect blend of design and heating functionality.
Rs. 12600 Rs. 12210

Geyser is one of the most important appliance for households as well as offices in winters. The main function of geysers is to transform cold water into hot water according to your needs. Geyser is an electrical appliance that uses electricity for its working and usually placed in the bathroom, kitchen, etc.
No one wants to touch or feel cold water in winters so geyser is the perfect solution for that. Bestofelectricals  brought you the wide range of geysers which you can mount in your kitchen, bathroom or wherever you need. There are two types of geysers- instant geysers and storage geysers.
Instant geyzers provide hot water instantly after switching it on and storage geysers stores water in it and took a while to hot down the water.

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