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Comments (0) In what conditions an outlet can spark?

A sparking power outlet can led to very dangerous situation in your home or office. So it very important to know that in what conditions your electrical power outlet can spark and to avoid the situation and keep you safe from any kind of fault condition we will discuss some of the reason which you can take care of it in future with your electrical power outlets such as sockets, switches, etc.
A sparking outlet is a various matter as it can start a house fire which can cost you and your home also. So, if you identify any kind of spark whether it is large or small, try to identify the cause of spark and then resolve the fault.

Comments (0) Now you can read your electric meter too

Electric meters are also known as energy meters, many of us think that reading an energy meter/ electricity meter is quite hard and which is why it could be read only by a techy person, but no, any ordinary person can read an energy meter if he/she know how to read it correctly. I must say, reading an electric meter is quite simpler than it looks like.

Comments (0) Why Earthing is important for electricity?

Earthing is often known as grounding; having proper earthing in your home is a very important aspect of the electrical safety, as not having systematic proper grounding can cause severe damages which can be very dangerous to you, your family and home.

So today to eliminate all these negative possibilities we will discuss some points that you should take to know whether your home consists of proper grounding or not. But before that we will get to know that what is earthing.

Comments (0) Here is a quick way to resolve - Frequent Tripping Of Circuit Breaker

Are you fed up of your constantly tripping circuit breaker or blown fuses?  In case you are continuously experiencing either of the situations, I guess it’s time for you to install a dedicated circuitry in your home to get rid of this situation. Certain appliances use more electric power than others which can be the reason for your constantly tripping of circuit breaker or burning of fuse, but you can fix this problem just by adding a dedicated circuit which helps to ensures that enough power is supplying to all of your appliances.

Comments (0) Make your ‘Switches and Sockets’ safe from ‘Water Damages’

protect-your-switches-from-water-and-dustYou all must have heard that water and electricity makes a deadly combination. From the childhood we are taught by our elders that not to touch any electric device/appliance with wet hands, as they don’t want us to experience any kind of casualties.
Water and electricity together can create huge problems such as electric shock, short circuit, electric fire. These things can be a major threat to you, your family and device. And I’m sure you don’t want to experience any of these hazardous situations. So to help you with this, today we will discuss how you can eliminate the damages and keep your surroundings safe.

Comments (0) Reasons why you should choose LED bulbs

Very few people know the advantages and benefits of LED bulbs as almost everyone was using CFL Bulbs for their home, office, industry, etc from a very long period of time. CFL bulbs became very popular as at that time there was no alternative present for CFL bulbs. But now, we can say that LED bulbs are taking over due to its various positive factors.
We are not wrong if we say that LED bulbs are the new upgraded version of CFL bulbs and that’s why now people are choosing LED bulbs over CFL bulbs. So today I’m going to list some of the advantages and benefits of LED bulbs.

Comments (0) Which one is better; MCB or Fuse?

MCB-or-FuseThe purpose of using MCB or fuse is the same but the working principals of both the devices are different. MCB stands for Miniature circuit breaker and both fuse and MCB are used to protect electric equipment and you from a short circuit or any kind of electrical fault.

Comments (1) What Everybody Ought To Know About Multicore Cables And Wires?

multicore-cables-and-wiresCables and wires plays a very important role in day to day electrical activities. In the market, you must have encountered with many types of wires and cables. All wires are equipped with significant properties and features for various purposes. Some electric cables and wires are used to carry low electric load and some are built to ensure a heavy load of electricity. This is the reason why there are varieties of cables and wires.

Comments (0) Conventional Tube Lights V/S LED Battens: Which Do You Need?

Conventional tube lights have been introduced in the market from a long period of time. And this is the reason why conventional tube lights are popular around the world. During old times you can spot conventional tube lights everywhere like: home, office, industry, factory, etc. But now with the advancement in electrical equipment, LED battens have taken over conventional tube lights due to various factors. Now people are going more towards LED battens rather than conventional tube lights.
You can say that LED battens are the upgraded and better version of conventional tube lights. Firstly, let’s know more about conventional tube lights.

Comments (0) Conventional Switches V/S Modular Switches: Which Do You Need?
During 21st century the world has experienced impressive development in the electrical sector and because of the healthy competition in this sector, the manufacturers are trying their best to stand out unique in the market by upgrading their products to the extent.