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Comments (0) Coaxial Cables RG6, RG59 & RG11 - Applications, similarities & differences

Coaxial Cables, as the name implies, are electrical cables where the inner conductor & the outer conductor, share a common spatial axis and having dielectric insulation. The inner conductor, generally made of copper, is used to carry electrical signals and the outer conductor, which is a wire mesh shield, is used for grounding. Due to nature of its construction, coaxial cables are suitable to carry high frequency signals like Cable television signals, Broadband internet data, and keep the signals free from other external interferences.

Comments (0) Contribute towards Greener earth, Upgrade PL CFLs to LEDs

From 2004 to 2015, advances in commercial lighting led to a huge installation of CFL based downlighters and also CFL Based 2x2 Grid Luminaires, that offered decent lumen output to price advantage. This has resulted in a huge installed base of fixtures incorporating 18W 2pin PLC CFL Lamps, 18W 4 pin PLC CFL Lamps and 36W 4pin PLL CFL Lamps. But these lamps had a typical life of 10,000 hours and would require replacement every 1.5 to 2 years on average.

Upgrade your PL CFLs to LEDs and become a contributor to greener environment.

As we approach 2020, with the advent of energy efficient LEDs and gradual shift to green buildings....

Comments (0) Eubiq- Ultramodern & Most Flexible Power System

How Eubiq is the best till date

  • Revolutionary: A unique GSS system developed and patented which grounds all conductive objects.
  • Safe: Almost impossible for any kind of hazardous shock.
  • Flexible: Add, remove and reposition power outlets anywhere along the power track.
  • Premium finishing: Products are manufactured with the best quality materials.
  • Versatile: Suitable for new-built/renovated/refurbished homes, offices, laboratories, hospitals etc.
Comments (0) Buying Electrical Wires – Points to take care of

If you wish to get electrical wiring work done in your house, foremost important is to buy the best quality wire from brands like Finolex, KEI, Havells, Polycab, etc. The full current rating of these genuine wires will ensure complete safety and may even help in reducing your electricity bills. For more tips to buy the best electrical wires,

Comments (0) Introduction And Working Principle of MCB And RCCB

What Is MCB?

MCB (miniature circuit breaker) is an electromagnetic device that embodies the entire enclosure in a molded insulating material. Main function of MCB is to open the circuit automatically when current passes through it exceeding the value for which MCB is set. MCB can be manually switched ‘On’ and ‘Off’ just like normal switches if necessary.
The device starts its operation for protection whenever overload occurs long enough to create danger to circuit. MCB does not respond to the transient loads like motor starting currents and switching surges. Usually, they are designed to work at less than 2.5 milliseconds during the short circuit fault and 2 seconds to 2 minutes when overload occurs.
Miniature circuit breakers are manufactured in varied pole versions like single, double, triple and four pole structures with distinct fault levels of current.

Comments (0) Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and Isolator – A Comparison

Electricity plays an important role in the society we live. Almost all the home appliances and the industrial machines work on electricity. Despite its usefulness, electricity can be quite harmful for us when any fault occurs in electrical system. Common faults like short circuit or power overload may result in costly equipment damage. Prevention of such unwanted situations is a must and for these, MCBs and Isolators are integrated in the electrical circuits these days.

Comments (0) Super Energy Efficient and Electricity Saving Fans - Gorilla Fans by Atomberg

Over the years technology has paved way for innovation in various different sectors. Sustainability is a factor taken into account while developing products especially in developing countries like

Applying BLDC (brushless direct current) mechanism to ceiling fans, IIT Bombay Alumni designed what they call; Gorilla Fans, India’s most energy efficient fan, bringing about a thoughtful change in the environment.

Why Buy Gorilla Fans?

Comments (0) Know the Advantages of Buying Branded Electrical Wires

Cables and Wires are common terms during your home or office construction or renovation. Every type of building electrical infrastructure requires cables and wires at the grass-root level. So whether it is restaurant, hotel, hospital, office, mall or your home, you require professional wiring to enjoy benefits of modern electrical infrastructure. This is the reason, when buying cables and wires, quality, brand and appropriate current rating/size should be kept in mind. Otherwise you may have to upgrade these at a later stage or even risk short-circuit in case of current overload.

Comments (0) Solar (Net) Energy Meters At Home And Office

Solar energy metering or Net energy metering or net metering permits customers who generate their own solar electricity to monitor their energy consumption as well as production. When more electricity is produced than required, excess power is returned to grid through power meter by reversing meter from its normal direction. As a result of energy meter working in both the directions – one way to measure purchased power (when on-site need is more than on-site power production), the other way to measure returned power to grid – the consumer pays the ‘net amount’ of both the transactions.

Comments (0) Meaning, Composition And Uses Of Armoured Cables

Armoured cable is a kind of cable that is covered in metal sheath. The cable is a bundle of wires, encased in metal tube or covering, which is further enclosed in plastic insulation layer. Metal covering saves wires from any type of wear and tear or physical impact. Such cables are little heavier in comparison of normal wires and quite hard to bend.