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0 Buying Electrical Wires – Points to take care of:

If you wish to get electrical wiring work done in your house, foremost important is to buy the best quality wire from brands like Finolex, KEI, Havells, Polycab, etc. The full current rating of these genuine wires will ensure complete safety and may even help in reducing your electricity bills. For more tips to buy the best electrical wires,


0 Introduction And Working Principle of MCB And RCCB

What Is MCB?

MCB (miniature circuit breaker) is an electromagnetic device that embodies the entire enclosure in a molded insulating material. Main function of MCB is to open the circuit automatically when current passes through it exceeding the value for which MCB is set. MCB can be manually switched ‘On’ and ‘Off’ just like normal switches if necessary.
The device starts its operation for protection whenever overload occurs long enough to create danger to circuit. MCB does not respond to the transient loads like motor starting currents and switching surges. Usually, they are designed to work at less than 2.5 milliseconds during the short circuit fault and 2 seconds to 2 minutes when overload occurs.
Miniature circuit breakers are manufactured in varied pole versions like single, double, triple and four pole structures with distinct fault levels of current.

Working Principle Of MCB

The tripping operation of MCB is achieved with bimetallic strip when continuous over current passes through the device; bimetallic strip gets heated and deflects by bending. Deflection of the strip releases mechanical latch. The latch is attached with the operating mechanism, which allows MCB contacts to open. But during short circuit, sudden rise of current causes electromechanical displacement of plunger that is associated with solenoid of MCB or tripping coil. The plunger strikes trip lever resulting release of latch mechanism as a result circuit breaker contacts open.

Meaning Of RCCB (also called ELCB)

RCCB (residual current circuit breaker) is a type of circuit breaker, which is a current sensing electrical device utilized to protect low voltage circuit if fault occurs. The switch in it turns off whenever fault occurs in circuit.
The device is aimed at guarding individual from risks of electrocution, electrical shocks and fires, which are occurred because of earth or wiring faults. It is useful in the situations when there is sudden earth fault occurs in circuit. Example, an individual comes in contact with open live wire. In such kind of condition, if there is an absence of RCCB in circuit, the individual is at risk of receiving electrical shock.
However, in case the circuit is protected with RCCB, it will trip circuit immediately thus protecting the person from electric shock.

Working Principle of RCCB

Principle behind device operation, in ideal situations, current flows into the circuit via live wire should be similar as returning current from neutral. In case of earth fault, current finds passage to the earth through accidental mode (like accidental contact with open wire etc.). As a result, returning current from the neutral is reduced. Difference in current is too known as ‘Residual Current’.
RCCB is made in a way that it continuously compares for differences in the current values between neutral wires and live wires. Any small change in current value would trigger RCCB to trip off circuit.
According to studies, an individual is capable to sustain electric shock only to magnitude of 30mA. RCCBs are created in a way; they will trip off circuit even for a small change in residual current of up to 30mA. Response time is around 40 millisecond to make sure that the individual is completely protected from electric shocks.

Browse PROTECTION DEVICES > MCB and PROTECTION DEVICES > RCCB to buy MCB and RCCB online respectively.


2 Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and Isolator – A Comparison

Electricity plays an important role in the society we live. Almost all the home appliances and the industrial machines work on electricity. Despite its usefulness, electricity can be quite harmful for us when any fault occurs in electrical system. Common faults like short circuit or power overload may result in costly equipment damage. Prevention of such unwanted situations is a must and for these, MCBs and Isolators are integrated in the electrical circuits these days.

Introduction of Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB

It is an automatic tripping switch that is designed by utilizing electromechanical techniques to avoid short circuit or power overload damage. MCB has a solenoid inside and is kept at specific voltage level to keep triggering mechanism in proper balance. Once a problem is assessed in circuit, switch is triggered and then flow of current is discontinued. After resolving the issue in circuit, the MCB can be manually switched on again.

About Isolator

Mostly found in commercial electric system, isolators disconnect circuit from main power supply. The electrical product is used when the system needs to be disconnected from main supply for performing maintenance that involves direct contact with current carrying parts of machinery.

Key Difference Between Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) and Isolator

  • MCB is an on-load electrical device that means the circuit breaker works with the energized line whenever a fault occurs. Isolator is purely an OFF-ON manual mains switch which has now been redesigned in miniature size to be compatible with MCB sized Distribution Boards.

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0 Super Energy Efficient and Electricity Saving Fans - Gorilla Fans by Atomberg

Over the years technology has paved way for innovation in various different sectors. Sustainability is a factor taken into account while developing products especially in developing countries like

Applying BLDC (brushless direct current) mechanism to ceiling fans, IIT Bombay Alumni designed what they call; Gorilla Fans, India’s most energy efficient fan, bringing about a thoughtful change in the environment.

Why Buy Gorilla Fans?

Gorilla Fans consume only 28W power at their highest speed saving Rs. 1500-2500 on an average every year per fan and come with a smart remote which means no regulator required hence are extremely hassle free. They come with a five different speeds and an extra sixth speed called as boost mode when the heat of your home/office is unbearable. The smart remote also has an inbuilt timer and a sleep mode which reduces the speed of the fan every two hours so one can have a soundful sleep without getting up or touching the remote.

The fan operates on a high voltage spectrum of 140V to 285 V having surge protection due to an inbuilt stabilizer. The best part of these BLDC fans are that there is no humming sound and the inverter life is improved as power consumption is less ( It runs three times more faster in comparison to an ordinary fan). Working on a brushless mechanism, the motor of the fan produces no heat therefore increasing its life. The blades are made of pure aluminum and are rust free, casing of the fan is made from premium silicon steel and a double ball double sided steel shielded vacuum sealed ball bearing which prevents heat and dust from entering. Apart from all these benefits, Gorilla fans by Atomberg come with three years onsite warranty too as an icing on the cake.

Modernize Your Home With Gorilla Fans

These sleek and modern pieces are ergonomically carved and provide excellent air delivery at low power consumption making them ideal for any room in your home or office. After winning National Entrepreneurship Award by the Govt. of India and the climate solver award by WWF, Atomberg Gorilla Fans have won the global CleanTech Innovation award by the United Nations. A matter of pride for India.

Their main clients include TATA, Infosys, Park Hyatt, ITC and many more. So why wait? Know more about India’s favourite energy efficient Gorilla fans in multiple blade designs by Atomberg on Atomberg Gorilla BLDC Fan


0 Know the Advantages of Buying Branded Electrical Wires

Cables and Wires are common terms during your home or office construction or renovation. Every type of building electrical infrastructure requires cables and wires at the grass-root level. So whether it is restaurant, hotel, hospital, office, mall or your home, you require professional wiring to enjoy benefits of modern electrical infrastructure. This is the reason, when buying cables and wires, quality, brand and appropriate current rating/size should be kept in mind. Otherwise you may have to upgrade these at a later stage or even risk short-circuit in case of current overload.

There are lots of brands present in the market and the credible ones include KEI, Finolex, Havells and Polycab, amongst others. It will be a better idea to purchase the best ones, so that there is minimal quality risk. To buy the above professional quality cables and wires, traditionally you would visit a local electrical shop or even ask your electrician to source it for you. But now with advent of the Internet, you can buy wires online at the convenience of your home.

Why to Buy Branded Wires?

Using branded wires offers increased reliability and therefore, they are better to use than local or low quality wires. They are robust and capable to withstand full electrical load. Branded wires and cables usually have good quality PVC sheath, which does not easily split or suffer any other sort of damage. And the electrolytic copper used is 99.99% pure and of full gauge as per size of the wire specified. Local cable manufacturers, in order to cut costs, may compromise on quality of the copper, quality of the sheathing and also on the actual supplied length, since most of these wires are sold in readymade packs of 90 metres or 180 metres or similar.

A buyer can browse Bestofelectricals > Cables & Wires to buy wires online of varied brands available in different lengths and sizes. Higher sizes are for higher current rates loads. At, you can find all types of electrical products at very reasonable rates, which can be supplied to you pan India in matter of few days. So now even if you live in a remote town of Kerala, you have the option to buy the best, genuine and competitively priced goods from the portal


0 Solar (Net) Energy Meters At Home And Office

Solar energy metering or Net energy metering or net metering permits customers who generate their own solar electricity to monitor their energy consumption as well as production. When more electricity is produced than required, excess power is returned to grid through power meter by reversing meter from its normal direction. As a result of energy meter working in both the directions – one way to measure purchased power (when on-site need is more than on-site power production), the other way to measure returned power to grid – the consumer pays the ‘net amount’ of both the transactions.

Now, we are going to discuss about why we require such sort of metering:

Control Electricity Bills

Consumers are allowed to produce their own power efficiently by the net energy meters. At day time, most of the solar consumers generate more power than they use; net metering permits them to export that electricity to grid and reduce the electric bills.

Protect Electric Grid

The net metering policies make a smooth demand curve for the electricity and permit the utilities to manage peak electricity loads in a better way. By encouraging production near to point of consumption, net energy metering reduces strain on distribution system and restricts loss in long distance power distribution and transmission.

For purchasing Solar Net Energy Meters, go to, a leading website where you can buy all types of meters and other electrical products of premium brands.


0 Meaning, Composition And Uses Of Armoured Cables

Armoured cable is a kind of cable that is covered in metal sheath. The cable is a bundle of wires, encased in metal tube or covering, which is further enclosed in plastic insulation layer. Metal covering saves wires from any type of wear and tear or physical impact. Such cables are little heavier in comparison of normal wires and quite hard to bend.

The Composition

  • At first, the conductor (normally a plain stranded copper) is chosen.
  • For the protection of conductor from water-damage, insulation is utilized. It too protects conductor from metal component i.e. armour.
  • Now bedding is done, which is actually PVC. It works like a barrier between inner component of conductor and outer parts.
  • After that, armour is placed over bedding for protecting the cable from any sort of stress. Sometimes, it is utilized as the ‘earth cable’.
  • Last part, cable sheathing is done to guard inner cable components. Also, it saves the cable against mechanical damage.

Uses Of Armoured Cables

Armoured cables are majorly used in commercial applications. Several states allow the utilization of such cables in residential applications as well. The cables are appropriate for underground cabling like in underground transport networks and sewers.

When the cables are utilized in public places, there should be a special kind of sheath on it i.e. LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen). In case of fire, the sheath emits extremely low smoke and no toxic halogen thereby reducing calamities.

To buy armoured cables online, you are advised to give a visit to At the site, you can find the wires of brands like Polycab, KEI, Havells, etc. of varied sizes and distinct cores (ranging from 2 to 30). Plus, there are several other electrical products that are being offered at logical rates.


0 Keycard Switches – An Energy Saver Device

Keycard switch is a device used to control the functioning of lights, fans, air conditioners along with the entire range of lighting and temperature control facilities in range. Plus, no batteries and wires are required for the operation of such switches. Inserting a card into switch allows energy to transmit the signal, which control all the devices connected to receiver. It takes only some minutes to install and configure. Use of traditional keys to open the hotel rooms is a thing of past already. Today, most of the hotels offer hi-tech keycards that permit guests effortless entry to rooms.

The Working

When a user enters room, keycard is inserted into a switch and wireless signal is sent to receivers, which control loads in room. Then the individual receivers communicate with corresponding loads to turn the circuit on. When the user of room exits and removes card from switch, another signal is sent to receivers to turn the circuit off. After that, receivers disconnect the power to devices.

After the removal of keycard from its slot, the circuit remains on for 10 to 30 seconds to ensure safe exit of guest or user from room.

The Advantages

Maximizing revenue per available room is the ultimate aim of hotels and the managers. They know that wastage of energy means wastage of money. It will be highly advantageous for them to install such machines, which is designed to generate energy saving solutions for hospitality industry. And, energy is saved by ensuring that no light, fans, ACs or other electrical items are left on when hotel room is not in use.

Plus, the keycards are lightweight than real keys that makes them a better option to choose. User can easily lock or unlock the room with a card sized electronic key, which can be placed in wallet.

Guests of the hotel can check-out or check-in with keycards and the system will automatically record the entire information of customer. This saves lots of time and effort, as the staff of hotel no longer needs to write down the customer detail manually.

As the keycard switches are aesthetically designed, it aids hotel to show some style to customer for good impression.

Buy branded Keycard switches from, a renowned site, known for offering the finest range of electrical products.


0 Do You Require A Water Purifier At Home?

Are you tense about the quality of water that you drink every day? Or you want to live with the thought that tap water delivery to your house is completely safe to use? Most of the urban households have started using the useful and safe home appliance. Do you wish to follow the same path?

Most probably, your answer will be positive. With water-borne diseases becoming a big concern in the nation, it is very important to have pure and clean drinking water at our homes. Plus, it is better to own a water purifier to stay safe against all kinds of contaminants present in normal supply of drinking water.

Here are some reasons why you are in big need of a water purifier manufactured by a reliable brand.

Clean Water

Unfortunately, these days, one of the by-products of consumerism and industrialization is plastic waste, which is thrown into water reservoirs. In the end, despite all treatments, the water that comes from our tap still gets contaminated with toxins of plastic waste and several other harmful impurities. Therefore, for a good health it is must to invest in a high quality water purifier.

Better Taste

Unlike water that has not been properly cleaned and may have salty taste, fresh water is quite healthy and tastes better. Search a branded water purifier online or offline with positive reviews about purity and taste of water.

Protection From Cancer

The use of chlorine for water purification is one of the cheapest methods used by man. But it is not considered as the safest way to clean drinking water. Research proves that the risk of cancer among the people who consume chlorinated water is much more than those people whose water does not have chlorine. And, the water decontaminated utilizing the home appliance is free from chlorine.

Easy To Maintain

Rather than buying bottles of purified water from local dealer of your area every single day, it is highly convenient to get home appliance installed at house. Additionally, they are easy to maintain with service executive from company coming on regular basic to clean filter.

Pocket Friendly

Using bottled water from the local dealer will be expensive and there is no guarantee that water is clean. So, why to remain uncertain what you are consuming when you have the option to buy water cleaning system?

In all, purchasing water purifier will be beneficial as it will let you and all your loved ones to stay away from water borne diseases.

Wish to get one installed at your home or office? Visit where you will find a wide array of branded water purifier that will be sent to given address after placing an order.


0 Power Strips And Surge Protectors: What’s The Difference?

Most people think that power strip is the same electrical product as surge protector but the fact is, it is not true, even if they both look similar. Going through the below written content will give you a knowledge about the main difference between these two and will enable you to take the right decision.

The Power Strip

It is a block of electrical sockets, which attaches to the end of flexible cable, letting multiple electrical items to get power from single socket. We need power strips when several devices are in proximity like video, audio, appliances, computer system, lighting and power tools.

The capacity of the device differs from one type to another. Usually, the least number of outlets it has is two. And, some of the types can accommodate around twenty devices at once. Indeed, function of power strip is necessary; however, there is a certain limit of its performance.

Surge Protector

A surge protector is a device or appliance to protect the electrical products from voltage spikes. It tries to limit voltage supply to the device by shorting to ground or blocking any unwanted voltages above safe threshold.

Voltage spikes or increase can be caused by power outages, lightning strikes, short circuits, tripped circuit breakers, etc. The surge protector will detect when the voltage is about to increase and then divert extra voltage to ground wire. In this way, none of your electronic products will be harmed.

Price Gap

Due to more benefits provided by surge protector, it is little more expensive than power strip. Yet, it is not steeply priced and is a worthy deal, especially if you are residing in locations that are prone to power tripping, bolts of lightning and other electrical deterrents.

In all, if you are using UPS with some of your sensitive devices, reside in an area with no voltage spikes issue and you want to save your bucks then you can go for power strip as well. But if you do not find yourself in the aforementioned situation then it would definitely be logical to buy surge protector to ignore any unwanted expenditure on repairing of electrical products.

Checkout power strips, to find 3+1, 4+1, 4+4, 6+1, 8+1 of various brands like Anchor, Cona, GM, Philips and many more.