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Bulb Holders


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At bestofelectrical.com we have wide range of electric consumable items for your home as well as office or industry. Items like different types of lamp holders, ceiling rose, plug top, convertors, cable clips, tube light leads, multi plugs, connectors, adaptors and many more. Each one of these plays an important part in day today life.
Bulb holder is a consumable item which helps to hold a bulb, the bulb get fits into the holder and is ready to illuminate the room.
Ceiling rose is fixed in a ceiling and used to suspend chandelier, fan, tubelight. With this feature ceiling rose is also used as decorative item at some places.
A 3pin Plug top is connected to appliances/domestic appliances, typically placed at the end of the wire so that  the user can connect it to the Electrical Power socket and thereby provides an electrical path of the AC mains from the socket to the appliance.
Not all countries use the same type of plugs, so a plug convertor lets the users to plug their electronics into the walls with different sockets than the one used by your country.
Cable clips helps the user to manage and maintain their wires and cables by fixing it on to the wall, ceiling or ground.
Multiplug is a multi-outlet electrical device, which lets the user to connect more than one plug into a single socket.
Voltage Convertor is an electrical consumable for voltage conversion. For example India uses 220V AC whereas USA uses 110V AC. Hence to use an American appliance safely in India, one needs to buy a step down voltage converter (220V AC to 110V AC).

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