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T5 Tube Light Lead

Rs. 44

T8 Tube Light Lead

Rs. 44

500W Halogen Holder

Rs. 60

300W & 500W Halogen Side holder

Rs. 60
It comes with pair

1000W Halogen Holder

Rs. 70

CDMT G12 Holder

Rs. 77

E14 to B22 Converting Holder

Rs. 110

E14 to E27 Converting Holder

Rs. 110

B-22 to E-27 Converting Holder

Rs. 110

E-27 to B-22 Converting Holder

Rs. 110

Bulb holders are pendant (Handing) or bracket (Wall mounting) types used to hold GLS Lamps, CFLs and now LED Lamps. There are various types of bulb holders like B22, E27 and E40 based on the type of lamp to be installed. B22 holder is most common for domestic use as most GLS lamps CFLs and LED lamps use B22 connector for electricity supply.

Bulb Holders

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Min: Rs. 17 Max: Rs. 115
₹17 ₹115