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Jelly filled armoured cable is used in indoor and outdoor installation for the inter connection of telephone and electronic equipment. Jelly is moisture and water resistant. The conductor of jelly filled cable is made of copper annealed wire. This conductor is insulated with high density polyethylene or foam skin polyethylene. The conductor is filled consistently in different colours with extremely tight tolerances to help the cable to meet the electrical and transmission requirements of voice telephony. The insulated conductors are twisted together to make a pair. These pairs have specific colour combination for easy identification. These twisted pairs are then wrapped spirally with an identification colour binder. During this operation jelly is filled in between the pairs to resists water. This jelly is compatible with polyethylene and thus the cables electrical characteristics do not get affected over a period of time. Now you can buy jelly filled armoured telephone cables India online. 

Product specification
Brand Delton
Product Category Jelly Filled Unarm. Tel. Wire
No. of Pairs 20Pair
Size 100Mtr
Conductor Material Copper
Colour Grey
Nominal Area of Conductor 0.6 sq mm
Insulation High Density Polyethylene