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Product specification
Product CategoryPower Capacitors
Power50 / 60 Hz
TemperatureMax. temp.= 55 °C Max. mean 24 h = 45 °C Max. mean 1 year = 35 °C Lowest temperature = –25°C
Losses (Basic Cell)< 0.5 W/KVAr
Maximum Permissible VoltageVR +10% (up to 8 h daily) VR +15% (up to 30 min daily) VR +20% (up to 5 min daily) VR +30% (up to 1 min daily)
Voltage440 V
Maximum Permissible CurrentUp to 1.3 · IR (up to 1.5 · IR incl. combined effects of harmonics, over voltages and capacitance)
SafetyTear off fuses overpressure disconnector, Max. short circuit current (AFC: 10 kA) (to UL 810), Discharge resistor time ≤ 1 min (75 V) , IEC 60831 specify 3 min
Useful Life100,000 hours
ColourPowder coated Siemens Grey
TerminalFast on terminals
Mounting and Groundingthreaded stud on bottom of can M 8 (4 Nm/ Ø 53mm), M 12 (10 Nm/ Ø63.5mm)
Protection DegreesIP20 (optionally IP54 with terminal cover)
Discharge ResistorIncluded
Casing of Capacitor CellExtruded round aluminum can with stud
DielectricMetallized polypropylene film
No. of Switching Per AnnumMax. 5 000 switching operations according to IEC 60831
CertificationIEC 831-1+2,IS:13340