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USHA Efikas Tower Fan

Rs. 5399 Rs. 4704

USHA Rense Tower Fan

Rs. 7299 Rs. 6299

USHA Cerebro Tower Fan

Rs. 9130 Rs. 8705

To combat the discomfort due to the excessive and unbearable heat during summer months, common people search for cooling devices which have great air delivery performance and energy efficiency to reduce utility bills. A Tower fan is one such device which is very portable due to its sleek design and simpler technology, consumes less power and has powerful air throw.
A tower fan is a tall, tower-shaped fan with a rotating base having tiny inlet at the side to pull air. It use blows out air at a 90-degree angle, thus covering wider coverage area. Most tower fans come with a basic filter for dust removal.

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Min: Rs. 4704 Max: Rs. 8705
₹4704 ₹8705