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Product Code:- GW68001N

Special Feature:

Empty boards for mobile and fixed installations. Dispersible power (B) is calculated according to IEC 60890 standard. It refers to the 40K overtemperature, between the temperature inside and outside the board. The IP65 degree of protection is obtained with blank flange lid installed correctly on all the seats of the unwired board.

Product specification
Brand Gewiss
Product Category IP 65
Model Name GW68001N
No. of Modules 5 Module
Current Rating 16A
Dispersible Power A&B 10W & 37W
Protection Degrees IP 65
Length 105mm
Height 430mm
Depth 96mm
Colour White
Package Contents cable clamp and 2 screw caps. GW68031N and GW68032N complete with shockproof case. Adapter flange for every IEC 309 socket-outlet housing seat 16/32 A.
Warranty 2yrs (on manufacturing defect)
Certification CE(Europe)/ ENEC (Italy)