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Product specification
Product CategoryAluminium Power Cable
Size of Conductor25 sq mm
Core4 Core
Conductor MaterialAluminium
Overall Diameter (Strip/Wire)23.8 mm / 2 2.2 mm
Current Rating (A)97 Amp
Thickness of PVC Insulation0.9 mm
Min.thickness of pvc inner sheath0.3 mm
Nominal Dimensions of Armoui (Strip / Wire)4 x 0.8 mm
Min. Thickness Of PVC Outer Sheath (Strip / Wire)1.40 mm
Max DC Resistance ohm1.2 Ohm
Max. AC Resistance ohm1.54 Ohm
Approx. Reactance at 50Hz Ohms/Km0.08
Capacitance mFd/Krr0.2