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This wire is insulated and sheathed with halogen free PVC insulation, which helps in preventing emission of corrosive or harmful gases under the condition of fire, thus reducing the damage to human respiratory system and nearby equipments.

This 2.5mm 90 mtr halogen free fire retardant / halogen free fire retardant (ZHFR/HFFR) insulated copper house wire is a premium quality wire made with zero halogen material i.e. 100% PVC free and eco friendly making it suitable to use for the places like basements, theatres, schools, high rise building, and commercial complexes, modern or corporate offices where fire can be detrimental. Especially important in underground and tunneling areas - like Delhi Metro Underground systems.

Product specification
Product CategoryZHFR House Wire
Size of Conductor2.5 sq mm
Max. Overall Diameter4.1 mm
Conductor MaterialCopper
Resistance (Max.) per Km at 20° C7.98 ohm
Current Rating (Casing)22 Amps
Current Rating (Concealed)18 Amps
Insulation MaterialZHFR PVC
Thickness of Insulation (Nom.)0.8 mm
PackingRetail Pack
Length90 mtr
ColourBlack, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, White & Grey