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Wipro 14W LED Bulbs

Rs. 320 Rs. 215

Finolex 9W LED Batten

Rs. 450 Rs. 225

Wipro Garnet 10W 2ft LED Batten

Lenght :- 2ft
Rs. 440 Rs. 230

Syska 12W LED Bulbs

Rs. 325 Rs. 240

Finolex 18W LED Bulbs

Rs. 410 Rs. 240

Wipro 0.5W LED Bulbs (6 Pcs)

6 Bulbs Pack
Rs. 600 Rs. 250

Philips 12W LED Bulbs

Rs. 290 Rs. 250

Wipro Garnet 20W 4ft LED Batten

Lenght :- 4ft
Rs. 590 Rs. 252

Wipro Garnet 20W LED PC Tubelight

Allow a mesmerizing glow of light to fill up your living room with this energy-efficient LED tubelight. Sleek and sturdy, Wipro LED tubelight, is a must for commercial as well as residential places. Use with Wipro LED Patti (separately priced item). Also use with existing T8 36W/40W Battens at your home with slight wiring modification.
Rs. 350 Rs. 260

Syska 15W LED Bulbs

Rs. 400 Rs. 275

Today, we all want energy efficient lights at our home so as to have best illumination at lowest cost & zero maintenance. LED lighting technology has gone through huge evolution in last 10 years and today, in 2020, we can buy LED bulbs and LED tube lights at similar rates as CFLs and Fluorescent tube lights. And to top it, LED lights come with minimum 2 year warranty and general shelf life varying from 25,000 to 50,000 burning hours, which translates to minimum 5 years. Comparing these statistics to fluorescent light sources where one would get maximum of 6 months warranty with a life span of just 1-2 years, LED seems like a perfect option.

Why Opt For LED Lights?

LED contributes to a greener world with zero mercury content and no UV radiation. And the reliability of LED lamps implies minimal dependence on notorious electricians for changing of your lights. Now with advent of electrical websites like Bestofelectricals.com, it has become very easy to buy led lights online in India.

Shop your favourite LED lights?

You can now order a wide range of LED Bulb, LED Surface Light, LED Tube Fixtures, LED Strips, LED Downlights, LED Spotlights & LED COB to modernize your dream home. So buy LED lights online and contribute to a greener environment.

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