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Company Cat No: DX3 411325

Special Feature:

  • Bi-connect termination
  • Finger proof terminal
  • Two-position DIN rail clamp
  • Insulated sliding shutter
  • 35 mm2 terminal capacity
  • Label holder
  • Large two-position dolly

This DX3 411325 25A 30mA Double Pole RCBO helps in sensing the faults like over currents and earth leakage current and trips the circuit, providing complete protection to both connected equipments and people. It is used in Single Phase Supply to break the phase as well as neutral.

Product specification
Brand Legrand
Product Category Double Pole RCBOs
Current Rating 25A
Rated Sensitivity 30mA
Colour White
Voltage 12V/AC
Rated Operating Voltage Ue 230 V~
Insulation Voltage 250V
Nominal Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage Uimp (kV) 6kV
Mounting Type On symmetric rail EN/IEC 60715 or DIN 35 rail.
Package Contents 1 DP RCBO
Certification IEC 61008 - 1
Material Halogens-free plastic materials
Warranty 2yrs (on manufacturing defect)