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LG FC48GSSA1 Dual Wings Premium BLDC Ceiling Fans

Only prepaid orders will be catered against this product, also some instances may occur where we have to refund because of unavailability of the product. This product is currently in short supply and we will procure it against order.
Rs. 18990 Rs. 14990

LG PuriCare AS40GWWK0.AIDA Portable Room Air Purifier

Providing super fresh air by removing invisible air pollutants. Removing ultrafine dust, yellow dust, and smog-causing materials showing amount of PM ( particular matter ) in 3 different sizes, PM10, PM2.5 & PM1.0
Rs. 43580 Rs. 28500
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Min: Rs. 14990 Max: Rs. 28500
₹14990 ₹28500