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  • Accuracy class 1 as per IEC 62053-21
  • True RMS measurement
  • Simultaneous sampling of Volta & Amps
  • Positive accumulation of active enegry even with CT polarity reversal, reverse lock programmable
  • Auto scrolling
  • Auto scalling of kilo, Mega Giga
  • Low PT, CT burden
  • Programmable PT, CT ratio
  • Field programmable 3 Phase 4 wire, 3 Phase 3 wire, 1 Phase configuration
  • Old register to store the previously cleared energy value
  • Wide operating range of 80 to 300 V AC/DC auxilary supply
  • Site selectable 1A/5A
  • Energy display format programmable-counter based or resolution based.

Input Voltage:
(PT Primary nad secondary user programmable for LT HT applications)
Burden: 0.2VA max per phase

Input Current:
-/5A and -/1A site selecable
Current range from 10%  to 120% of In (50mA-6A), Strating current: 0.4% of full scale
CT Primary nad secondary user programmable for LT HT applications

Product Weight & Dimensions:
Product Weight: 300gms
Bezel Dimension (WxHxD): 96x96x58 mm
Panel Cutout: 92x92 mm

Frequency:  40-70Hz
Aux Voltage: 80-300V AC/DC
Impulse voltage type: +-6KV as per IEC 62052-11
AC voltage test: 4KV double insulation as per 62053-21
Insulation resistance: 500 V DC as per IS 13779
Operating temperature: -10DC  to +55DC
Storage temperature: -25DC to +70DC
Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity non-condensing
Recommended wire: 2.5 Sqmm
Shock: As per standard IEC 60068-2
Vibration: 10 to 55 Hz, 0.5mm amplitude
Casing: Plastic mould protected to IP51 from front side
Measurement category: CAT lll
Pollution Degree: 2
Protection: IP20 at terminals, IP51 on front
Meter constant: 1250/ (external CT ratio x PT ration)
Type: Rs485 Port Modbus RTU
Certification: CE, RoHS

Product specification
Product CategoryKWH Meter
Model NameWL4000
Metering Parameter AccuracyClass 1.0
Input Voltage50-520 VAC (P-P)
Aux supply80-300 VAC/DC
Mounting TypeFlush Mount