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Digital Panel Meters

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Picture of L&T 3 Phase LED Ammeter

L&T 3 Phase LED Ammeter

Rs. 1395 Rs. 1256

L&T WL4000 KWH Digital Panel Meter

Simple kWh parameter monitoring can be achieved with the WL4000. The meter offers site selectivity of kWh or kVAh in addition to site selectivity for kWh or kVA or W or PF thus making it easier for inventory management.
Rs. 2680 Rs. 2412

AE KWH Digital Panel Meter

It measure energy (Watthour) consumed by three phase load in power industry.
Rs. 3600 Rs. 2650

Digital panel meter are essential tools used in industries or other places for monitoring equipment. These are instruments that display an input signal in an analog or digital form. There are many advanced panel meters which include alarm options as well as the ability to transfer data to a computer. The fundamental principle of operation of Panel meters is: a sample of the voltage or current is taken to create a visual representation of the measured value. Voltage measurements are read across the load while current measurements are in series configuration.

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