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Minilec VSP D1 Phase Failure Relay

This relay is suitable for monitoring incoming 3-phase supply from mains (Electricity distribution line). Being independent of load, it can be used for any HP/KW rating of load
Rs. 925 Rs. 875

Minilec D2 VCT1 Voltage Monitoring Relay

This Relay is best suitable for monitoring balanced or unbalanced supplies, either of single phase, 3 phase 3-wire or 3 phase 4-wire loads powered by generators, UPS, stabilizers, inverters or mains (by electricity board / utilities); in AMF panels, PCCs, Distribution boards and for power monitoring of individuals loads / motors / pumps.
Rs. 2430 Rs. 2305
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Min: Rs. 875 Max: Rs. 2305
₹875 ₹2305