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MK by Honeywell has introduced a new series of Dual mount sensor. These sensors actually have a shield that restricts the magnetic field so that it only radiates out of the face of the sensor.


  • It detects human presence and switch on the lights. The micro sensitive elements keep the switch on till the space is occupied.
  • Sensor covers Up to 6 metres diameter (3m radius) at mounting height of 2.5m area.
  • Power requirement - 220 - 240VAC / 50 Hz
  • Protection Degree - Surface mount IP44, Flush mount IP44 (Sensor section only), IP20 (Ceiling board onwards)
  • Detection Angle - 3600
  • Detection distance
    • upto 5m radius 250 C at 2.5m height
    • upto 7m radius 250 C at 5m height
  • Mounting Height - Recommended ceiling mount 1.8m to 3m

K5017 Flush and Surface Ceiling Mount PIR Sensor in one

  • For flush mount, spring clips enable ease of installation in ceilings with thickness between 5mm and 20mm.
  • Simple to switch between flush and surface options.
  • Surface mount can be fixed direct to the ceiling or on to a circular conduit or BESA box.
  • All screws and fixings supplied

Application Areas

Residence|Car Park| Open Office Workststion| Closed Cabin| Conference Room

MK Sensor

MK Sensor

Product specification
Product CategorySensors
Warranty1 Year (against manufacturing defects)