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Osram 12W LED PLC Lamp, that fits in exactly the same downlighter/connector as an 26W PLC CFL Lamp. It offers the same level of light output but uses only half the power of the PL lamps. This PLC LED Lamp life span is 15,000 hours, and comes with 2 years replacement warranty.

If the downlighter uses magnetic/copper ballasts, then just replace the PLC Lamp with the LED and no wiring change is required. For Downlighters with electronic ballasts, the ballast wiring needs to be cut, so that the LED Lamp can be powered directly by 220V AC Mains.

Product specification
Product CategoryPL LEDs
Lumen Output1250 lm
Power12 W
Bulb BaseG-24d (2 Pin)
Energy SavingYes
Package Contents1 LED Bulb
Warranty2 Years (against manufacturing defects)