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Sodium Hypochlorite in solution is a broad spectrum disinfectant that effectively destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and mycrobacterium. It can be used for cleaning/disinfection & deodorizing of various external surfaces.

Directions of use:

1) Shake well before use
2) Ideal for external areas
3) Recommended dilution ratio of 1:30 (one part of sodium hypochlorite with 30 parts of water)
4) Spray adequate amount on the surface to be sanitized
5) Leave the surface for 30 minutes & wipe with clean clothes
6) Cleaning solution prepared after dilution shoulb be used within 6-8 hours

Safe Usage:

1) Wear safety glasses/face shield, water proof gloves & full covered protective clothing or suits
2) Avoid exposure to skin, caused skin irritation
3) Do not breathe mist, spray or vapor
4) Wash throughly after handling 
5) Do not mix with acid, ammonia or any other household cleaning chemicals, if mixed it may produce toxic fumes
6) Do not use on metals


1) Store in a cool dry area, away from direct sunlight & heat to avoid deterioration
2) Keep only in original container
3) It can start to lose potency quickly after opening, if not stored properly


1) Keep out of the reach of children
2) Incase of accidental spill, cleanup immediately with large quantities of water
3) If comes in contact with eye/skin, wash their water thoroughly
4) Contact physician immediately, if any type of skin/eye/breathing irritability persists

Product specification
BrandQuartz Home Care
Product CategorySurface Disinfectant
Net contents5 ltr