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Suitable for installation in Delhi/MES/DMRC/BSES/NDPL/MSEDCL and other utility companies
Four-quadrant measurement

  • Single meter supporting import and export measurement for co-generation

Optical communication port for data retrieval.
High intensity LED for calibration and testing.
Power factor calculation.
Support for multi-rate time-of-use (ToD) tariffs.
Historical registration of billing data.
Deficiency metering (energy recording in absence of neutral).
Supports 'forwarded' energy registration in case of current reversal.
Secure Saral 5-30A Single Phase Energy Meter (Import/Export)

Product specification
BrandSecure Meters
Product CategoryMicro Generation Metering (Solar and Windmill)
Model NameSaral
Current Rating5-30A
Metering Parameter AccuracyClass 1.0
Voltage230/240 V (L-N), -40% to +30%
Frequency50 Hz ± 5%