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MK Citric CW502WHI 6A 2Way Switch

Rs. 107 Rs. 162

MK Wraparound W26411A 16A White Switch

Rs. 107 Rs. 170

MK Wraparound W26403A 6A LED White Switch

Rs. 108 Rs. 194

GM AA1405 6A White LED Bell Push Switch

Rs. 108 Rs. 114

GM AA1014 10A White LED Bell Push Switch

Rs. 108 Rs. 114

Norisys Cube 6A SP 2M Palm Switch C5140.01

Rs. 109 Rs. 154

MK Blenze DW402WHI 6A 2Way White Switch

Rs. 112 Rs. 204

Legrand Mylinc 675512 16A 2Way SP Switch

Rs. 112 Rs. 204

Legrand Arteor 573600 6A Mg Switch

Rs. 113 Rs. 192

Legrand Myrius 673001 6A 2Way White Switch

Rs. 115 Rs. 192

Switches are the most prominent electrical accessory that we see in a house. Technically a switch is an electrical component that can break electrical circuit by interrupting the current or diverting it from one conductor to another. There are different types of electrical switches based on Current (Ampere) rating varying for 6A to 32A. Today modular switches are available in different colours and designs to go with our modular home or office. 

Modular Switches

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