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Syska 3W LED Bulb

Rs. 125 Rs. 118

Syska 5W LED Bulbs

Rs. 150 Rs. 142

Syska 7W LED Bulbs

Rs. 175 Rs. 165

Syska 9W LED Bulbs

Rs. 199 Rs. 189

Syska 12W LED Bulbs

Rs. 325 Rs. 306

Syska 15W LED Bulbs

Rs. 400 Rs. 379

Syska 18W LED Bulbs

Rs. 475 Rs. 450

Syska SDI-07 Dry Iron

This Syska SDI-07 Dry Iron is a reliable product from the house of Syska for your home. It is a light weight iron that enables you to iron clothes comfortably.
Rs. 749 Rs. 610


Rs. 1160 Rs. 869
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₹118 ₹28127