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Speaker wires, also called Music wires, are used to connect loudspeakers to audio systems/amplifiers. These wires are made up of two parallel conductors, though twisted wires are also used. Popular Sizes for Speaker wires are 1sqmm (18AWG) and 1.5sqmm (16AWG). Most speaker wires are made of transparent PVC Insulated Copper Conductors. Some brands have Red marking on one side of insulation for polarity and others have 1 conductor as TC (Tinned Copper) and the 2nd parallel conductor as Bare Copper (BC). This combination of music wire is called TC/BC. Another combination of speaker wires color available is Grey + Grey/Blue. Now you can buy speaker wires, music wires, multicore flexible wires online in India.

Product specification
Product CategorySpeaker Wires
Size1 sq mm (20AWG)
Core2 Core (Twin Parallel)
Length90 mtr
Conductor MaterialCopper
ColourTransparent with Red strip mark
Insulation MaterialPVC