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Weatherproof Devices

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Gewiss GW40007 24 (12X2) Module Waterproof IP55 Enclosure

Gewiss has come out with wide range of waterproof MCB Enclosures.
Rs. 10951 Rs. 8213

Gewiss GW68019N 32A 10 Module (Q-DIN 10) Distribution Board

Houseable interlock socket - 2IB Horiz. 16/32A SBF IP 44 overlapping
Rs. 13243 Rs. 9932

Gewiss GW68005N 32A 14 Module (Q-DIN 14) Distribution Board

Houseable interlock socket - 1 IEC 309 16A/32A IP44/67
Rs. 15983 Rs. 11987

Devices that are capable to perform in almost all weather conditions without any lack of power are known as weatherproof devices.  Weatherproof devices are build to be used in extreme weather conditions that is why the durability of these products is very high. These kind of devices can bear high temperatures, rain, humidity or any other weather condition and can work perfectly fine.
Bestofelectrcals brings you many types of weatherproof devices such as MCB Enclosures, switches, bells, sockets, terminal blocks, junction boxes, Industrial plugs and sockets, etc.

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